Ishaan Bio, an Employer of Choice

Ishaan Bio is an Indian biotechnology company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and research of Bio-Products. With over 50 employees, sophisticated production plants, R&D and Quality Labs, we are the India’s key producer and exporter of various Bio-Products; and a leading player in the world market.

Our presence reinforces our ability to compete on the global market and anticipate marketplace needs in all regions of the world. Whether searching for new biotechnological solutions or surveying consumer trends, we maintain a creative environment and thrive on progress and change.

Working at Ishaan Bio

Dedicated to excellence, we at Ishaan Bio have been active in the research, development, production and marketing of novel Bio-Products for more than 8 years.

Our formula for success is a rich combination of talented people, cutting-edge technology, constant innovation and total dedication to our customers’ needs.

Being one of the India’s leading biotechnology company, we cater to various markets and application sectors. Having headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, we have affiliates in various countries and sell products across the globe in over 20 countries.

Our human resources policies are designed to decentralise empowerment, promote personal growth, enhance skills and expertise, create a climate of trust that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation and establish cooperative relations with employees.

Our employees have adequate information and freedom of movement to fully unleash their potential. Communication and training are essential elements of our management philosophy. Through structured dialogue and feedback on individual performance, we endeavour to meet the needs of our employees while fulfilling future business requirements.

Every day at Ishaan Bio, a lot of people interact, blending their knowledge and experiences, and transcending ethnic and geographical boundaries. Unique people make exceptional professionals. We offer all our people the opportunity to develop their talents and leadership competence to make sure that our people make the difference.

Vibrant work culture

  • Young and Entrepreneurial Company
  • Ambitious, Competitive and Value are the 3 key elements of our culture
  • Long-term Organisation development philosophy
  • Effective Rewards & Recognition as well as involvement programs coupled with unique Retention Strategy
  • Special emphasis on in-house training activities for Workers, Middle and Senior Managers
  • Various Quality Circles where Workers and Management staff jointly participate in problem Identification, finding solution to the problem and implementing the solution

We are amongst selected Indian companies of its size to recognise the vital role of human resource development.

To provide you an overview our business values, please access our Vision & Mission and Corporate Philosophy in the About Us section.

If you like to work in a dynamic, challenging environment that capitalises on your strengths and abilities, please take a few moments to pursue the exiting career openings available throughout the company. For further information on career openings please access the Job Openings  section.